App Name KBWhatsApp
App Version V34
Update date 11 Jan 2022
App Publisher App Development Team
App Requirement Android 4+
App Category KBWhatsApp
File size 65MB
3.9 Rating (7797)

KBWhatsApp Download 2024 Apk Anti Ban

KB WhatsApp is one of the hottest chatting and messaging apps right now. The developer downloaded the KBWhatsApp update 😎 and worked on developing and releasing this version to include great features that are not found in any other application, and we will mention these features and characteristics in the rest of the article to find out. Read on to understand all the features and characteristics of the app.

KBWhatsApp apk🤩 is a powerful alternative and a fierce competitor to the regular version of WhatsApp. It has unique features not found in any other version. To be sure, scroll to the bottom of the article to download the software and know all its features.

About KBWhatsApp for Android apk

KBWhatsApp😎 is a modified version of the original green WhatsApp.

It offers many professional and amazing features that are not available in the official WhatsApp. These features are exceptional and requested by users.

WhatsApp is generally considered one of the wonderful applications. It was in greater demand among smartphone users, but it lacked many of the wide adjustments and options that users needed. Therefore, many programmers developed their own versions and presented them to the world with different names and colors. There were only a few versions, but over time, it increased to more than a hundred programs, all combined under the modified name WhatsApp.

Each application contains unique settings that distinguish it from other applications. However, KB WhatsApp is the leader in this field. With every update it surprises us with new and amazing features.

Another interesting feature of KB WhatsApp is that it prevents people from accessing your account. This is useful for users, for example: blocking people who send you spam messages. Blocking someone on WhatsApp is an easy way to avoid spam when using the app.

Messages sent via KBWhatsApp

KB uses WhatsApp as a social networking tool. People use it to chat and share photos with their loved ones. Some people prefer to send messages to express their feelings, while others prefer to send longer message responses when communicating with others. KBWhatsApp has become a great tool for communication around the world.

Many people use KB WhatsApp for different purposes. . Users also found many uses for the application in planning social gatherings. Many people use K WhatsApp to communicate with their families. It is a smartphone application that allows you to send text messages, photos, videos, and files to other users. All your contacts are available in one app. It's a convenient way to stay in touch without having to pay for phone service.

Messages sent via KBWhatsApp😎are available to users at any time of the day, making it easy to respond to messages without interrupting anything else you are doing. In addition, other users can message you at any time. It is also very easy to end or mute WhatsApp chats because the app itself manages all interactions between users. There is also no limit to the number of new messages you can receive, which means people can send you multiple messages without limits. This is ideal for communicating with someone who has limited access to email services, such as a user who can't access their email or text messages on their phone.

KBWhatsApp apk Other users have full control over communication time. Anyone who uses KB WhatsApp must understand the many advantages that this amazing and powerful application offers.

Why is KBWhatsApp the best application?

KB WhatsApp messaging for the most secure group chat. KB WhatsApp is considered one of the best WhatsApp applications ever. For example, if you are a user, you can message anyone directly on WhatsApp without having to save their phone number in your contacts. You can easily take the number and start a conversation with the owner of the number directly without having to write the number in your phone book and add it. KB WhatsApp is easy to use and simple. You have the same steps and options that you get when opening your account on Green WhatsApp.

The KB WhatsApp update😎 provides a set of tools that make messaging and chatting with others on WhatsApp fun. As we mentioned,. You can stay anonymous while online, talk whenever you want, and ignore messages from people you don't want to respond to without fear of embarrassment, thanks to exceptional privacy features. You can change your connection status, such as busy or available. You can send and receive private and public messages as well. Another feature of KB WhatsApp is that you can control accepting or rejecting messages as well as blocking annoying people.

You can also change your profile picture, write status, and control notifications and alerts. You can change the color of the chat interface, change the audio settings, and get more control over it, such as turning it on or off, and resuming it.

Features of the KBWhatsApp application

▪The developer has added a new interface to the app.

▪ You can now send messages to an unlimited number.

▪You can pin a large number of conversations up to 1000 conversations.

▪Work has been done to solve the problem of downloading themes.

▪ Also among the fixes is that you can fix the issue of delayed messages on some vulnerable devices.

▪ The application is completely free without any financial costs.

▪ It is simple and easy.

▪The Effects option has been re-enabled in this version.

▪ A number of new skins have been added to the Effects option.

▪User will see effects option if they swipe up or down chats.

▪ The @ sign is displayed on the main screen of the app if the user is mentioned in a group.

▪User can see his or others' messages in groups separately.

▪ Now the user can prevent others from adding to the groups or limit the people who can do so.

▪User can control the option to show more by turning it on or off.

▪One of the options added to this version is the Auto Reply option.

▪One of the options that has been added to this version is the option for scheduled messages.

▪ There is an option to prevent scrolling between chats, statuses, and a call option, right and left.

▪ You can recall or delete conversations if you swipe left or right.

▪The user can delete the messages that the user has sent to any contact, even if these messages were from a long time ago.

▪ A number of additional options have been added to clean the WhatsApp application.

▪The user can control the colors of the KB WhatsApp application, through the additional options that have been added to the application.

▪The user can control the notifications in the application through the additional options that have been added to the application.

▪ There have been many updates in this version, especially in the speed and performance of the version.

▪This version was first released 5 days ago and will work non-stop for up to 5 months.

▪ There is an option to enable the dark mode feature.

▪ There is an option to enable transparency mode.

▪ This is also in addition to VPN Proxy Blocker.

▪ There is a quick access option for users to access their chats without going back to the main interface.

▪This version includes an option called explosive text and it is used to send unlimited messages.

▪ This version includes cute text options to decorate your text.

▪ A quick emoji option is also added in this version.

▪ We have the possibility of prolonging the duration of cases, and also downloading the story

▪ Many improvements have been added to this option.

▪ The application is completely free without any financial costs.

▪ In addition, this application works with great and different quality and is suitable for all companies.

▪There is no home without KB WhatsApp as it works on all Android phones, both weak and medium versions.

▪Do no harm to your phone, download KBWhatsApp

▪ The developer has worked on adding different colors, great themes, and more, so that the app will be liked by many.

▪ Also, by downloading the latest version of KB WhatsApp 😎Anti Ban, you can hide that you are online now.

▪ Hide what you type Hide that you recorded an audio clip.

▪You have the right to see the status of your friends without knowing, then enter the application settings to add the option to know all deleted messages.

▪Night mode has been added to the app, improving the look of the status download button

▪ An animated sticker has been added to the program, you can activate the feature to hide that you have seen the message except when you reply to it, this version worked for more than five months from the date of publication.

▪ Work has also been done to add the quick access feature to conversations.
▪ This version is more secure and stable than other versions.

▪ Some updates have been made to the version

▪ Now user can download different stickers to use in chats with friends.

▪ Now it's easy to see if a friend has mentioned you in groups, as you will see the @ sign on the main screen of the app.

▪ No notification of forwarding the message to the other party appears.

▪ The version is now smaller compared to previous versions, so its size is 47 instead of 36.

▪ It is possible to easily identify the deleted messages by opening the profile of the conversation you want and then clicking on the Deleted messages option any time you want.

▪Prevents the app's media from appearing in the gallery but still showing that media in conversations

▪User can mark message as read through message notifications.

▪User can also block calls without the caller knowing it will show that they are in contact with you.

▪User can save his chats in zip file form and can share those chats with any contact.

▪User can reply to the conversations if they swipe the conversation right or left.

▪ There is an option to save the reading location, which makes it easy for the user to return to the last conversation he read so as not to miss any conversation.

▪ Easy to make group calls with contacts in the app.

▪User can activate picture in picture feature.

▪ In this version, the user can set the duration of notifications if they click on deleted messages.

▪User can change themes in the stickers section.

▪ Developers have overcome the problem of calls for hidden chats appearing in the calls option.

▪ The app developers also fixed the square photo option issue.

▪ Now the user can select all messages on the home screen.

▪ You can request a report with all the information about your account and its settings, as well as transferring the account, by clicking on the settings option, then the account option, then user account information.

▪ On some devices, the notification of deleted messages is not shown, so this issue has been fixed in this version.

▪Many features are removed for optimization.

▪ Some languages such as Italian and Portuguese have also been updated.

▪ There are many additional fixes.

Transferring conversations from green WhatsApp to the new KBWhatsApp

If you had an important conversation using your company's original WhatsApp app and want to keep it even if you change the software, then the version is the problem. Access the KBWhatsApp application that you installed. In the interface that appears directly in front of you, you will find the option to copy conversations from WhatsApp. Click on this and then complete the registration process normally. When you get to a page telling you that backups of your messages and conversations have been found, select Restore, wait a moment for the restore process to complete, and then click Done. Complete the rest at the bottom of the screen. Usually during the stage.

How to make a backup copy in KBWhatsApp

💦Follow these steps:

  1. Open the official WhatsApp application and click on the three dots in the upper left corner.
  2. Click on Settings, then on Chats.
  3. Within Chats, you will find a chat backup option. Click on it.
  4. On the chat backup page you must make some adjustments.
  5. Under Google Drive Settings choose the Google Account where you want to store your backup files after this choose the medium you want to save them to via Wifi or Cellular Data.
  6. If you want to backup all WhatsApp videos, change the Embed videos option.
  7. Once you have completed the above settings, simply click on the Backup option.
  8. If you have a lot of messages and media files, you may have to wait longer to get the backup. After the backup process is successful, follow these steps to check whether the backup process is completed or not.

KBWhatsApp Download APK Now

KBWhatsApp🤩 is the best application for chatting and social networking in the world.. The developer launched this new version of WhatsApp, which works for 3 months without interruption.

How to install the KB WhatsApp apk on your device by following these steps:

  1. Open the application and click the “OK” and “Continue” buttons. You will be asked to verify your phone number on the next page, but before verifying your phone number, click on the option to copy WhatsApp data.
  2. You can now verify your phone number as usual.
  3. Once your phone number is verified, you will be redirected to the backup page. Click on the restore option.
  4. The backup will begin to be restored and may take longer depending on the size of your backup.
  5. Once you successfully restore your backup files, you will see all your chats and media files as they were before.

You have to download KB WhatsApp by going to the bottom of this article. You will find a link to download the program in a direct and easy way.

All you have to do is:

  1. Click on this link
  2. Wait until the download is complete, then install the program before activating this feature
  3. You must go to the phone settings and activate the installation of applications from unknown sources
  4. This application installs KB WhatsApp on your phone easily and simply.

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